10 years of ATASSplus

TechnoAlpin has been continuously developing the ATASSplus software for 10 years and enabling simple control and monitoring of snowmaking systems. Intensive research work and regular customer feedback have gone into creating a control system which will lead ski resorts into the future, with ease of operation and professional snow management tools providing a reliable basis for optimum planning of the season.

The process of ongoing optimization through annual updates has enabled continuous improvement of the software, making the control system the industry standard in snowmaking software. Every update over the past few years has improved ATASSplus and has extended the software to include new and unique benefits for ski resorts.

The control system that is dictating the future

ATASSplus was launched in 2008 based on years of experience. The software has since become the standard control system for many ski resorts, having shown great potential right from the beginning. The software has been improved and its functions have been enhanced every year by TechnoAlpin.

The client-server structure was introduced in 2009, enabling simultaneous operation by several users. The following years brought an improved energy footprint for ski resorts through the optimum use of resources, simplified control through optimized interfaces, and the possibility of improved evaluation of the season through new analysis modules. They provide the perfect decision-making basis for future snowmaking seasons.

The detailed map view (added in 2013) significantly enhances the user experience and improves the overview of the system. The integration of the snow depth measurement feature (2014) allows optimum resource efficiency when planning snow production. 2015 saw the launch of the ATASSplus mobile app which allows the systems to be controlled from anywhere. It was completely redesigned in 2018 when new features were added. 

Unbeatable user experience

The user experience of ATASSplus has been significantly enhanced every year since then. The SnowManager enables professional snow management through optimum planning and oversight of the entire area. The SlopeManager allows a comprehensive overview of resources and zones. ATASSplus impresses ski resorts every year with new forward-looking developments for successful winter business. The functions will also be upgraded in 2019. 

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