A Scientific Director to keep the lead on innovation!

For many years now, innovation is at the center of TechnoAlpin’s strategy and philosophy. This is the driving force for the R&D and the Engineering teams when dealing with the development of new snow guns, valves, software or even when looking at the design and architecture a snowmaking system! And this quest for better products, for smarter solutions, for more efficient operating processes, is never-ending. In the past few months, this philosophy has translated into several new products or software… To name a few of the most recent innovation: The Weather Forecast Application that allows offering very accurate local weather forecasts using the network of existing weather stations on the customer’s installation, the TL6, with its smart head and innovative rings management that makes it possible to be more efficient both in marginal temperatures as well as when it’s colder or the TF10 Piano, the low sound level version of the most powerful and efficient fan gun ever released by TechnoAlpin!

To pursue this critical orientation and to go further into innovation, TechnoAlpin has decided to open a new position within the group: Scientific director! This is Michel Galvin, previously Technical Director of TechnoAlpin France (coming from the York team), who’s been appointed to this new position. Michel will take on this exciting challenge: He will make sure that TechnoAlpin is always looking for new technological opportunities or the next snowmaking breakthrough! One of the goals will be to identify what will be the next groundbreaking ideas and the future technologies at the service of ski resort operators and generally speaking of the ski industry. And also to investigate how to create bridges between fundamental researches and practical applications, through partnerships with Universities, research laboratories, or companies in specific hi-tech fields. More than ever, in a challenging and changing environment, TechnoAlpin strives to offer the best technological solutions to its customers to help them address issues about snow production or trail operation! So far, this is what made TechnoAlpin the leading partner of ski resorts for snowmaking… We want to make sure that this continues in the future!

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