ATASSplus 2017 update

Each year, ski resorts go all out to exploit the snow window in autumn. ATASSplus is the best control software for the efficient production of top-quality snow. Regular client feedback and continuous analysis mean that TechnoAlpin is in a position to optimize processes constantly and to match its snow-making software to client requirements every year.


The 2017 update makes ATASSplus even faster than before and operation more user-friendly, and upgrades the software with additional innovative functions. As a result, ATASSplus makes control of the snow-making system even easier.

Enhanced user interface


The radical revision of the user interface is complete with the 2017 update. A new graphic focus brings key content more to the forefront and guarantees even easier operation. The user interface has been adapted to the new standards of established programs and has guarantees problem-free usage.

New graphical adaptability

The 2017 update makes it possible to modify the color pallet of different modules. There is a free choice of colors for the snow height-measurement display. All colors can be matched to the usual color scheme of individual snow height-measurement programs. This provides a simpler overview and intuitive ease of use.


A further innovation is the visualization of the water supply. The flow diagram for the pumping station also shows the water level of the storage reservoir as a graphic. If the water level in the reservoir increases or decreases, this information is fed back to ATASSplus in real time. This makes it easier to get an overview of the water supply. It is also possible now select a user-defined color for a critical water level. As soon as the water falls below this level, it can be visualized.

More comprehensive SlopeManager

ATASSplus now has a new SlopeManager. This provides an overview of all slopes, reports all relevant figures such as water, power and air consumption, and relates these to the average temperature of the slope. SnowManager from ATASSplus has been integrated into this new view. It has been fundamentally revised and now offers real-time data processing in addition to a graphic display. Snow depth and water consumption are now displayed at the same time to enhance the overview.


Revised overview displays

The resource and area overviews have been updated. The automatic routines for a fully automatic snow-making process using ATASSplus have been substantially improved and now allow the current capacity of the water and air lines to be displayed. The collectors have also been included in this display. A graphic progress bar shows a summary of water and air consumption, so the current resource levels can be checked at any time.


The area overview has also been updated. The map view can be superimposed dynamically or fixed. This will provide an overview of the entire system, especially on large monitors. The area overview is divided into three sections: the slope summary, including SnowManager, the pumping station flow diagram, and the new resources overview.

Support for current generations of monitors


Because the controls have been revised, the 2017 update provides better support for 34-inch monitors. In addition, ATASSplus can now be used on high-resolution 4K displays and also works on the latest tablets and smartphones.

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