Best partners in the IoT sector

A snowmaking system will function to optimum effect when it is made up of the best components working in perfect harmony with each other. This is one of the strenghts of the world market leader TechnoAlpin. TechnoAlpin has been working with many reliable partners from different sectors of industry for years in order to be able to guarantee incomparable quality in every respect. The highest standards of excellence are among the criteria applied when selecting the partners, as confirmed by the example of the Italian software company Porini.

TechnoAlpin has been working with the software company Porini in the field of digital cloud solutions since 2017. As an international partner of Microsoft, Porini is providing TechnoAlpin with support in the delivery of the digital transformation and the integration of IoT technology. The company recently received the “Digital Transformation - Transform your Products” Silver Award at the Microsoft Inspire Italian Partners Ceremony in Las Vegas for the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in snowmaking systems with the aid of Microsoft Azure cloud services. The award is presented annually by Microsoft Corporation to partners who have come up with solutions which help companies to make innovative improvements to their production model.

The cloud solutions are used by TechnoAlpin for the anonymous collection of a wide and diverse range of data from snowmaking systems all over the world. These data are analyzed and processed to predict different scenarios. These can be taken as a basis to propose special solutions tailored to individual ski resorts. The quality of the services provided by TechnoAlpin is being improved with the help of these data. “Two years ago, we had an idea for an IoT project. We worked with Porini to come up with a solution as to how we could organize our data in a cloud. The aim of the project was to increase the efficiency of the snowmaking systems,” said Markus Pfeifer, Head of Process Engineering for Snowmaking Systems at TechnoAlpin. In the future it will be possible to supply decision-makers with more information and forecasts in different situations during the snowmaking process and to provide them with critical criteria to help them with their decisions. 

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