Best snowmaking performance with a full warranty: used snow guns from TechnoAlpin

TechnoAlpin has been producing top-quality snow guns since 1990. Meticulous research and development work has been constantly invested in the technology of the fan guns and snow lances over the last 30 years. From the first M90 snow gun to the success story of the T60 and the best-selling TF10 right through to the latest innovation, the TR10, all the components have been perfected down to the last detail. The thing that all the models have in common, however, is their long service life. Even after years of use, the high-quality and hard-wearing materials used in the production of the fan guns and lances guarantee their reliable operation.

The long lifespan of the products made by the innovation leader benefits the customers twice over. First, they enjoy the consistently high snow output of the snow guns already installed and, secondly, they can purchase used machines, which TechnoAlpin always has for sale. In many cases, these are snow guns that have been made available to customers for trial purposes in the past. Once the customer has decided to do business with TechnoAlpin, the equipment used for the trial is often been taken back and replaced with new customized machines designed to meet the project specifications. This means that fully operational TechnoAlpin products in as-new condition can be offered at bargain prices on the second-hand market.

All the used snow guns are put through their paces by the technical experts in order to ensure that they meet the usual top-quality standards. All the snow gun components are thoroughly inspected and, where necessary, replaced with original parts. The software is updated to the latest version. In addition, each machine is again subjected to a water test and a full operational check. Having gone through this overhaul process, all used TechnoAlpin machines come with a fresh one-year warranty. There are both automatic and manual machines up for sale, and new offers come up all the time.

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