Certified welding by TechnoAlpin

As the order books swelled in 2016, the production section at TechnoAlpin was restructured and a new welding center was set up not far from the main base. This move created more room for the welding shop, allowing it to cater for the increasing requirements.

The relocation and the resulting extension of the welding shop reflect its importance in the TechnoAlpin production processes and project work. The workshop enables the company to guarantee a higher quality in system design and construction as well as in its project management and products.

The welding shop is the internal metalworking division of TechnoAlpin where various TechnoAlpin products are made, such as the lifts, arms and mobile pumps. The pre-assembly jobs and the welding jobs for the systems also account for another very large proportion of the jobs done in the workshop. This reduces the number of welding jobs which have to be done on site. All the welding jobs are carried out in conformity with ISO standard 3834-2. The preparatory welding work and the internal quality control procedures ensure that the required standards are met.

TechnoAlpin has strict quality assurance requirements when it comes to welding. All the welding work done in the center is subject to internal quality control. A certain percentage must undergo non-destructive radiographic and ultrasonic testing. With several kilometers of pure welding work per year, this ensures that all the standards can be met so that all the customers are supplied with products of the highest quality.

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