Customer training 2017

Again in 2017, TechnoAlpin will be providing its customers with a comprehensive training program at the end of February. Important information about the structure, use and maintenance of snow guns, control software and pumping stations will be provided in general and more specialized courses. This will ensure more efficient use of snow-making systems.

The training topics cover a variety of areas. During the basic courses, you will be given a general insight into the structure and functional layout of different types of machines. There will also be courses on the use of control systems (ATASSplus and Liberty), snow gun electrics and the operating modes of pumping stations.

There will be courses on the latest generations of snow guns from TechnoAlpin, explaining handling, operating modes, troubleshooting and methods of fault diagnosis. TechnoAlpin even has special courses for managers. The “ATASSplus for Managers” module will tell ski resort operators all about use of the new Slope Manager introduced in 2017.

The training room at TechnoAlpin HQ was equipped with new equipment in 2016 to make training more efficient. The centerpiece of the training room is now a permanently installed 98” touch screen. Training staff also have a portable 55” touchscreen TV. New, curved, ultra-wide computer screens are used for ATASSplus training.

Customers can familiarize themselves even better with course content using the new equipment and visualization options. The advanced training courses will also involve the operation of snow guns and technical components. Fan guns and a variety of valves, valve blocks, hydromats, electrants and lance models are located in the training room for this purpose.

Courses are held in German and Italian at TechnoAlpin HQ in Bolzano (IT). In order to avoid long journeys, training courses will also be held in German at the Flüelen (CH) site, and there will be individual French-language training courses in France.

You can find details of the training courses and registration forms here.

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