Customer training 2018

TechnoAlpin has been running an extensive training program at its headquarters in Bolzano for many years. TechnoAlpin will be offering another comprehensive training program in 2018, starting at the end of February. Important information about the structure, use and maintenance of snow guns, control software and pumping stations will be provided in general and more specialized courses. This will ensure more efficient use of snowmaking systems.

The training topics cover a variety of areas. During the basic courses, you will be given a general insight into the structure and functional layout of different types of machines. There will also be courses on the use of control systems (ATASSplus and Liberty), snow-gun electrics and the operating modes of pumping stations.

New products are continually being added to the existing modules therefore a new training module will be introduced in 2018, concentrating purely on the latest generations of snow guns developed by TechnoAlpin and the ATASSplus control system 2018 updates. The trainings will focus on handling, operating modes, troubleshooting and methods of fault diagnosis.

Those wishing to attend can now register at their convenience directly through the TechnoAlpin service portal. Here you will also find all the information on the availability of the courses. It is also still possible to sign up using the registration form.

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