Innovative, high-tech and successful!

TechnoAlpin has been synonymous with innovative snowmaking technology from its days as a start-up enterprise. The company ensures optimum snow quality on ski slopes all over the world, guaranteeing all its customers profitable business operations. In the past 27 years, more and more ski resort operators have come to rely on the TechnoAlpin’s technology, and the company now has operations in over 50 countries and serves the needs of about 2,200 customers.

As one of the world's main winter sports destinations, Austria has always been a key market for TechnoAlpin. There are currently several thousand TechnoAlpin snow guns in use there. Following on from a successful year of sales in 2016, Austrian ski resorts are continuing to be equipped with high-tech snow guns in 2017. In Austria alone, about 900 new snow guns are currently being delivered to ski resorts or are already in use there providing perfect snow conditions. 

A powerful snowmaking system is fundamental to a successful winter season. Therefore, TechnoAlpin attaches great importance to the planning and design of systems. Short snow production times are crucial for the main slopes. This is why the right snow guns are located in the right places with TechnoAlpin systems. Our extensive product range allows us to supply the right snow guns for all conditions. The water supply is also a key factor in our eyes. The pump output of the system and the capacity of the reservoir are carefully calculated and matched to the requirements of the snowmaking system.

Our meticulous planning means that ski resort operators are better equipped to plan the snowmaking system season. The resource-efficient use of the snowmaking systems is not only an important factor for the operators but also for TechnoAlpin. It’s for this reason, TechnoAlpin is constantly at work in a bid to increase the efficiency of all the components and to promote environmental protection through the sparing use of resources. In recent years, TechnoAlpin has managed to optimize snowmaking in all respects, from the proper planning of the systems and their intelligent control with ATASSplus, right through to the most advanced technology in the TR8 snow gun. 

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