Instant snow-making data. No time wasted.

Ski resort operators are confronted with countless messages, inquiries and decisions every day, and right now this is especially true as temperatures in the mountains are dropping. They have to coordinate the team and keep an eye on the budget and snow-making operations. The SNOWMASTER app is the next step towards digitalization and provides an unrestricted overview of the planning and progress of the snow-making processes. This allows the snow-making team to work independently and guarantee an effective snow-making process whilst managers are constantly updated on the current situation and forecasts.

Here at TechnoAlpin, we have developed the SNOWMASTER app to make communication easier between management and the snow-making team. The system is still controlled by the snow-making operations manager through ATASSplus, but all the data required to make decisions is also displayed in real time in the SNOWMASTER app, providing instant answers to essential questions: How much snow is on the slope? How many hours have the snow guns been in use? How many snow guns were operating? And most importantly: when can I open the ski resort?

Always one step ahead

TechnoAlpin is the first and only supplier to provide forecasts for snow production. Taking detailed weather forecasts into account, the SNOWMASTER app calculates the amount of snow that can be produced in the next few days and the amount of water required to do so. The detailed projections on costs, resource requirements and temperatures are essential for ski areas and hold the key to optimizing the planning processes. Even more information has been added to the latest version of the SNOWMASTER app. For instance, it now also allows the retrieval of data from all meteo stations in the ski area.

Take a look at the SNOWMASTER app and see for yourself. The new and improved version of the app is now even clearer and more intuitive. The new version is available to all users on the App Store from October 2020, with the app included in every ATASSplus update contract free of charge.

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