Jackpot for TechnoAlpin for the 2022 Winter Olympics

100% TechnoAlpin snow at the 2022 Winter Olympics – this phrase is currently bringing a proud smile to the faces of TechnoAlpin employees all over the world. Thanks to the close cooperation between the Bolzano headquarters and the Chinese subsidiary, TechnoAlpin tendered successful bids for all the Olympic snow sports competitions, effectively securing the most prestigious contracts up for grabs in the People’s Republic in recent months.

The fact that TechnoAlpin was able to win all the contracts is mainly due to its excellent structure in China. The leader in innovation has its own branch office there since 2013. The 40 members of staff take care of the project management work and provide optimum service. Other factors that enabled TechnoAlpin to develop the best technical solution included its experience at other major events and the know-how it has gathered over many years of involvement in global projects.

Four prestigious projects

A total of 4 new arenas will be built or expanded for the various races in downhill skiing, freestyle, Nordic and snowboarding. The largest project is the one in Yanqing, where a completely new ski resort is being built, which will include the Xiaohaituo ski center. All the men’s and women's downhill events will be held there. The TechnoAlpin team will install a total of 200 new snow guns and 32 pumps there in the summer of 2019.

The venues for the freestyle events and for the Nordic competitions are being developed farther north, in the Zhangjiakou region, near the winter sports center of Chongli. There will be 6 competition slopes and 2 training slopes for the snowboard and freestyle races as well as the Olympic half-pipe in the Genting Resort Secret Garden. The managers at Secret Garden have been relying on the know-how of TechnoAlpin for years. The reliability of the yellow snow guns, even in the difficult prevailing conditions, is indispensable for the preparations for the Olympic Games.

The Guyangshu Nordic Center, on the other hand, is a completely new building where all the cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping and combined events will be held. TechnoAlpin will be supplying 40 mobile snow guns and 15 lances here.

The supposedly smallest – but no less spectacular – project is the one for the big air competitions. These competitions will be held in the center of Beijing and will attract a lot of public attention. 7 snow guns will provide the appropriate surface at the facility.

TechnoAlpin has secured orders for 350 snow guns in total. 3 of the 4 projects were public tenders, the project in Secret Garden was the only one to be restricted to private bidders. All the systems will be supplied as fully automatic turnkey systems designed by TechnoAlpin. The contract is worth around 20 million euro in total.

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