Multicolored snow in Nuremberg

The Klarissenplatz square in Nuremberg has been transformed into a colorful winter landscape, with a TF10 fan gun bathing the city in Alpine snow. South Tyrolean artist Philipp Messner is once again sprinkling the snow and therefore the ground with food coloring.
In his CLOUDS project, artist Philipp Messner grapples with the notions of reality and artificiality. It is an exploration of the relationship between natural snow and artificial snow on the slopes in ski resorts – which is vital to the survival of winter sports and the tourism dependent on them.

At the same time, CLOUDS also illustrates the different states of water, as the fan gun first produces only a fine mist which then forms crystals of (brightly colored) snow. The resulting field of colored snow can of course also be enjoyed by the visitors. They can walk over the colorful snow and experience the wonder of the many layers themselves.  

The multicolored snow is quite something and really brings a feeling of joy. Here at TechnoAlpin, we are delighted that we can also contribute to the art world with our snow guns and bring people closer to snow in a different way. 



Philipp Messner

Klarissenplatz, Nürnberg

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