New TechnoAlpin Meteo Station

Measuring accuracy and a proven measurement method are the keys to efficiency.

The season starts of recent winters have been marked by long periods of marginal temperatures and short windows of cold. It was therefore very important in the critical part of the season before Christmas to be able to rely on accurate weather data because even minimal differences often determine whether a system can go into operation or not.

TechnoAlpin thoroughly revised its Meteo Station to meet these challenging demands. The new Meteo Station supplied the data for an efficient and precise weather forecast. The Station is characterized mainly by its high measuring accuracy and proven measurement method. Depending on the model, not only temperature and humidity can be measured but also numerous other parameters such as precipitation, air pressure and wind characteristics. The Meteo Station also impresses with its compact and attractive design.

The new Meteo Station operates as an autonomous weather station. The power supply (230 V) and data line in the pit are provided by the connection box. This means no PC is needed for the machines.

The data are fed into the smart ATASSplus 2016 or Liberty 2016 control software. This increases the efficiency of the snow-making system considerably because it can better respond to the prevailing weather conditions.

Several models of the Meteo Station are being developed to meet customer requirements. The new TA_600-UMB weather station belongs to the product family of professional, smart detectors with digital interface for environmental applications. 



TA_600-UMB - Integral construction with ventilated sun protector for measuring:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation type
  • Precipitation amount
  • Precipitation intensity
  • Air pressure
  • Electronic compass

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