On course for future success: TechnoAlpin Sales Meetings 2019

TechnoAlpin organizes a Sales Meeting every year to set the direction for the coming season. This year there have been several Group Sales Meetings. They focused on the sales teams of different countries and regions, thereby allowing changes to details in line with the various situations on the ground. As an international technology leader, TechnoAlpin is aware of the demands of each country and is therefore convinced that the special characteristics of different markets must be taken into account.

Most of these Group Sales Meetings were held at the TechnoAlpin base in Bolzano. The TechnoAlpin sales staff gathered to share ideas and experiences over several days. The Sales Meetings are not only an opportunity to find out more about the latest TechnoAlpin products but they also provide great inspiration and strategic direction for the coming season. Some interesting innovations for the current year were discussed at the Sales Meetings. Together with CEO Erich Gummerer, the team from TechnoAlpin reviewed 2018 and drew up an initial summary. 

The excellent quality of TechnoAlpin snow was then tested on the slope on a joint excursion to the ski resort of 3 Zinnen Dolomites in South Tyrol. This extraordinary project was completed in 2018. The snowmaking system is the most powerful system in the whole of Italy. The new pumping station and new snow producers have helped to reduce the initial snowmaking time to 40 hours which must be a record.

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