Powerful guns at marginal temperatures

The season started this year with marginal temperatures or temperature inversions, especially in Europe. These phenomena are a real challenge for snow-making systems in terms of snow quality and performance. Because marginal temperatures and temperature inversions are frequent on the southern side of the Alps, TechnoAlpin has been faced with these extreme and difficult conditions since it was founded in 1990.


That is why TechnoAlpin products are especially efficient when it comes to producing top-quality snow at marginal temperatures and under challenging weather conditions. The TF10 fan gun is an expert at producing snow under difficult circumstances. Its 16 settings guarantee consistently high snow quality and quantity, even at marginal temperatures. Thanks to the valve block, setting changes are autonomous and continuous. The performance of this machine is impressive at marginal temperatures, as confirmed by the positive feedback we receive from customers. More than 1,000 TF10 machines were produced in 2015 alone. 

The TL6 is a snow lance that provides good snow coverage even at extremely marginal temperatures. Its state-of-the-art EDA nucleators mean that energy consumption is low. Six settings allow the TL6 to adapt perfectly to extreme weather conditions in the mountains.


However, despite the delayed start to winter in Europe, most ski resorts were able to open their doors on time. This was due to good snow-making systems and the efficient exploitation of snow windows. As a result, winter sports lovers were able to use perfectly prepared slopes in December.

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