Revolutionary model at the top of its game: the TR8 success story

TechnoAlpin revolutionized the snowmaking market in 2017 when it launched the TR8 fan gun and set unprecedented engineering standards. The snow gun’s drive technology as well as its entire housing were completely redesigned. The leading innovator has already produced some 1,200 TR8 fan guns in the last two years. They left the production facilities in Bolzano bound for destinations all over the world, where they have been providing optimum snowmaking services ever since.

Revolution as a product of continuous research

Innovation is the top priority for TechnoAlpin in all areas. Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of software and snow guns. The main aim is always to simplify the work of the snowmaking operations teams.

Like all TechnoAlpin snow guns, in 2017, the TR8 was also fitted with quadrijet ceramic nozzles and a wedge wire water filter to guarantee simple maintenance teamed with optimum quality and efficiency. However, the real revolution was concealed behind the turbine housing flap on the TR8, where the turbine and compressor are driven by just one electric motor for the first time. The compressor is an oil-free rotary vane compressor, which stands out due to its uniform compressed air outlet, its lower weight and easy maintenance.

The permanent magnet motor with inverter was another first for the TR8, allowing the model to achieve efficiency class IE4. The TR8 can be operated within a much wider voltage range than its predecessor, the T40, with no change in power consumption. It can be operated constantly at maximum motor efficiency and has a higher air output because of the improved efficiency. The snow gun can be used without any problems, regardless of power fluctuations or power failures which can result from the length of the power line. This feature has proved its worth, particularly at high altitudes in places like Cervinia, for example. A TR8 installed there at 3,320 m in 2018 is one of the highest snow guns in Europe. Only the world market leader was capable of coping with these most difficult of installation conditions.

Award-winning product design

But the TR8 is impressive in more ways than one. Not content with its engineering credentials alone, it also boasts good looks with its streamlined design. The snow gun, which was designed by the South Tyrolean company MM Design, has already won several design awards. Thanks to its innovative mode of operation and outstanding design, the TR8 has received the prestigious iF Design Award and has been listed in the ADI Design Index.

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