S6, game changer for indoor snow

Whether for outdoor or for indoor snowmaking applications, TechnoAlpin provides state-of-the-art solutions and products that will offer the best snow conditions. For indoor applications, the snowmaking market leader has developed a dedicated product line, the S6, which answers to the specific challenges for this type of snow production. Indeed, making snow indoor brings some constraints, like the refrigeration or the relative humidity level of the building.
The design of the S6 allows overcoming these issues and makes it possible to obtain a snow quality perfectly adapted to indoor conditions and to the needs expressed by the customer. Indeed, conventional outdoor snow guns would produce a snow too moist for indoor applications, which would lead to an excessive increase of the hygrometry in the building.

As the S6 only needs a temperature of -2°C in the hall to start making snow, there is no need to have an oversized refrigeration system in the building. In order to guarantee a constant and optimum quality of the snow production, it is the S6 itself that will generate a cold air flow around its snow nozzles and therefore allow the freezing of the finely pulverized water droplets. In addition, the operator can very easily control and adjust the quality of the snow produced as well as schedule the automatic production of each unit installed on the site.

Indoor Snow – a booming market in China

Today the largest market for TechnoAlpin’s S6 is China, which is experiencing a boom in indoor snow center construction. Indeed, boosted by the Chinese government policy geared toward the promotion of winter sport related activities, several large entertainment complexes, with indoor snow areas that will use the solution offered by TechnoAlpin, are under construction.
2 indoor snow centers are already in operation with S6 snow producers in China: the Qiaobo Ice & Snow World offering alpine skiing, in Shaoxing and Snow Wonderland offering a 2800m2 snow playground, in Changsha. Sign of the great satisfaction with TechnoAlpin’s indoor product and solutions, 5 additional facilities are scheduled to open in the next months across China. And the numerous S6 units installed for all these projects will provide the best experience to snow and winter lovers of all ages!

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