SnowExpert Days in Norway

The SnowExpert Days were held for the first time in 2017 in Scandinavia. TechnoAlpin joined forces with PistenBully last year to run the SnowExpert Days in Sweden and did so with great success. There has now been a rerun of the SnowExpert Days in 2018, this time on January 17 and 18 in Kvitfjell in Norway.

The two event organizers, TechnoAlpin and Pistenbully, were keen to underline the importance of working closely together on snowmaking and slope preparation. Only with optimum snow conditions and perfect slope preparation is it possible to guarantee excellent ski slopes. This year about 50 participants from more than 20 ski resorts attended the SnowExpert Days. They came from both the alpine ski and cross-country sectors.

At the heart of the SnowExpert Days were two experts from the industry. Geir Olsen, an experienced consultant in the snowmaking sector, spoke about the importance of ideal snow production in his presentation on the “Masterplan of Snow”. He spoke about guaranteeing reliability for a profitable ski business. Florian Profanter, Head of the ProAcademy at Pistenbully, spoke about slope preparation from a practical angle in his presentation, explaining how to approach the preparation process in varying snow conditions and suggesting ways of working in different situations.

And so, the second SnowExpert Days event was a resounding success again. All those who attended appreciated the opportunity to obtain interesting information and to chat to each other.

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