Snowmaker Days in Romania

Romania hosted the Snowmaker Days from June 5 to 7. They attracted just under 140 delegates from various ski resorts in Romania and Moldova. This year, the Snowmaker Days were held in the ski resort of Şuior for the second time and were a great success for TechnoAlpin and for all those who attended.

There was a variety of subjects on the packed agenda, with several interesting presentations about TechnoAlpin products on the first day. The options and future prospects of the ATASSplus system guide were among the items coming up for discussion. The solutions for indoor applications offered by TechnoAlpin were also presented.

In the afternoon, Hansjörg Kogler from SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental spoke about the forward-thinking management of a flagship ski resort. His interesting presentation was followed by a discussion session where the individual ski resorts shared their experiences with each other and with the speaker Hansjörg Kogler. The delegates had the opportunity to visit the pumping station at the Şuior ski resort and were able to inspect various TechnoAlpin fan guns including the revolutionary TR8.

Another highlight of the Snowmaker Days was the demonstration of the Snowfactory. The snow gun for warmer temperatures produced a large amount of snow for the event in summery weather, resulting in huge levels of interest in the snow gun.

The Snowmaker Days were rounded off with a gala dinner at the top station of the Şuior ski resort in Cota 1000. There was time for some informal conversation around the campfire to the sound of traditional music. 

And so the Snowmaker Days event was a resounding success again, the second time around. All those who attended appreciated the opportunity to obtain interesting information and to chat to each other. 

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