Snowmaking record for Levi

The Finnish World Cup venue of Levi has proved yet again that the gradual expansion and renovation of a snowmaking system pays off. This year, the ski area north of the Arctic Circle benefited from a long and severe cold spell and the productive capacity of the snow guns. The World Cup slope, on which the ski stars were seen demonstrating their skills over the weekend, is just one piece of evidence which can be cited as proof.

It took less than four weeks to produce the initial snow cover for this winter season on all 21 slopes, a surface totaling around 60 hectares. With temperatures as low as -26.2°C, it was the optimum range for the snow guns. On peak days, 150 snow guns were in operation simultaneously, thanks to the sophisticated water management system. Despite the extreme cold, there was no ice formation or material damage to cause problems. 

TechnoAlpin and Levi have been working closely together for about 15 years. The system has been constantly expanded and updated over the years. Today, different generations of TechnoAlpin snow guns sit side by side, from the legendary M18 to the TF10 and from the A30 lance right through to the TL6. At critical points, older models have been replaced by new, more powerful snow guns. At other points, the high quality and the long lifespan of TechnoAlpin products is confirmed. The M18 and A30 snow gun models have now been in use for over 15 years and still continue to provide snow of the highest quality. 

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