Spring trade shows!

Spring trade shows are important in the season calendar of the ski and mountain industry. Indeed, at this time of the year, they give the opportunity to all the industry players to meet with ski area operators to review the season which is ending and start looking at the next! This year made no exception to this rule, with several major events: Interlavex (April 6 and 7, Slovakia), Forum Alpitec (April 6/8, Italy) and Mountain Planet (April 13/15, France). Of course the teams of TechnoAlpin attended all these events during the month of April to exchange with our customers and present our latest products: TF10 Piano, Snowfactory, Weather forecast applications… 

Forum Alpitec – a new format

Forum Alpitec, as a part of Prowinter 2016, was held from April 6 to 8 in Bolzano. Forum Alpitec is the new discussion platform focusing on current issues and future challenges faced by mountain industry players. TechnoAlpin hosted one of the discussions of Forum Alpitec: “Snow at above-zero temperatures... Is this the future? There was also another event associated: the Stricker Vision, the workshop for future where participants seek to create desirable futures, which theme was this year “I have a dream. China Skipower”, with the Chinese entrepreneur and ski pioneer Li Jianhong. Around 250 people gathered at the TechnoAlpin headquarter for this event, a great success.

Mountain Planet, the international event

Of the 3 events, Mountain Planet (Grenoble, Fra.) was the largest one. And it has been a great success in general, with around 19000 visitors, announced by the organization, from 50 countries over three days, and for TechnoAlpin in particular; our booth was very well attended all along the three days of the event. This was a real pleasure to welcome so many guests! Our sales team had the opportunity to meet many customers and prospects, including a large number of international guests, from most of European skiing markets, as well as from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe etc. Among the products showcased at Mountain Planet, the Snowfactory displayed for the first time in a French trade show, triggered a lot of curiosity among visitors. Visitors expressed also a great interest into the Weather Forecast application which was demoed on the TechnoAlpin booth. By providing a very accurate local forecast, the Weather forecast application, now available both on ATASSplus and Liberty, will help ski area operators reaching a greater efficiency. This decision aid tool will make possible to fine tune the opening date of the ski resorts, securing further a critical time of the year: the ski season start. Once again, we thank you all for visiting us!

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