Symphony of excellence

TechnoAlpin is the world leader in technical innovation in the snowmaking market. Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of software and snow producers. Through its engagement in forward-looking innovation processes TechnoAlpin has been routinely redefining standards in snowmaking for almost 30 years.

TechnoAlpin was at Interalpin 2019 to present the TR10 fan gun, the pinnacle of technical innovation.

The TR10 fan gun combines top snow quality with optimum use of resources and supreme ease of use to push through to the very height of excellence and peak of achievement. Every single part has been engineered with meticulous precision and rendered compatible with the other components. The TR10 therefore guarantees unique snowmaking performance with incomparable results. 

The focus: the snow

A completely new nozzle valve system has been designed for the TR10. The central valve block has been replaced by individually controllable single valves, achieving high levels of innovation and perfect coordination and thereby allowing the TR10 to boast both unprecedented energy efficiency and conservation of resources. The nozzles are emptied using compressed air, and the excess water is integrated directly into the air jet and thereby converted into snow. This eliminates the need for the central valve block and front discharge, preventing the formation of ice in front of the machine and greatly increasing operational reliability.

Perfect snow quality starts with the smallest parts of a snow gun, however. The nucleators are fitted as standard with two ruby inserts. These boast maximum wear resistance, even in the presence of aggressive water and high operating pressures, and allow the constant production of high-quality snow over many years. Air cooling on the machine is key to improving the snowmaking performance in borderline temperatures. The air cooler on the TR10 has been redesigned and improved in order to produce optimum snow even in difficult temperature conditions and is particularly impressive in borderline temperatures, achieving unsurpassed levels of snow output.

Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved with the TR10. For TechnoAlpin, simplifying the work of the snow teams is a central goal in its development work. Therefore the TR10 has an automatic height adjustment mechanism which can be individually adapted and comes as standard on all the machines, whether mobile or permanently installed. With the largest touch display on the market, the TR10 boasts impressively high levels of usability, even in extreme situations.

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