TechnoAlpin Academy 2019

TechnoAlpin has been running an extensive training program at its headquarters in Bolzano for many years. TechnoAlpin will be offering another comprehensive training program in 2019, starting in April. The TechnoAlpin Academy runs special and general courses at which you can find out about the structure, use and maintenance of snow producers, control software and pumping stations. The information makes it possible to use snowmaking systems even more efficiently.

Various subjects are covered on the training courses. The basic courses explain how the various types of machine are built and how they work. They provide an optimum overview and a basic knowledge of machine maintenance. There are also courses on the use of the ATASSplus and Liberty control software packages, the electrics of snow producers, valves, the workings of pumping stations, and inspections. The ATASSplus for Managers module provides a comprehensive overview of the analysis and statistics tools in the software package.
New products are continually added to the existing modules therefore a new training module will also be introduced in 2019, concentrating purely on the latest generations of the snow producers developed by TechnoAlpin and the ATASSplus control system 2019 updates. The sessions will focus on handling, operating modes, troubleshooting and methods of fault diagnosis.

You can sign up for the various courses at your convenience through the TechnoAlpin service portal. The availability of the individual courses can also be seen here.
If you do not have a password to log into the TechnoAlpin service portal, simply fill in the web form on the registration page and you will be sent the login details and password by return. 

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