TechnoAlpin revolutionizes snow-making

TechnoAlpin showcased its new TR8 fan gun during the World Cup in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia) on 4th and 5th March. Numerous representatives from ski resorts were invited to the exclusive presentation event for the celebratory unveiling of the new snow gun. The fabulous surroundings in Bled provided the perfect backdrop for the new machine.

Aside from the guest of honor and founder of TechnoAlpin, Georg Eisath, the Slovenian Minister for Economic Development and Technology, Eva Štravs Podlogar, was also present. She stressed the importance of winter tourism for Slovenia and was greatly honored that Bled had been chosen for the presentation of the latest fan gun from TechnoAlpin.

Needless to say, the presentation also coincided with a visit to the World Cup in Kranjska Gora. All guests were impressed with the perfect organization of the championship and were able to fully enjoy the runs of the world’s best skiers, despite the fickle weather.

Innovation is a top priority in all areas for TechnoAlpin. Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of software and snow guns. This ongoing innovation process enables TechnoAlpin to offer the most advanced products for snow-making and guarantees its customers the ultimate snow quality.

The TR8 fan gun again sets previously unachievable technological standards: Both the drive technology and the entire housing of the snow gun have been completely redesigned. Florian Schwalt, the leading engineer involved in the development of the TR8, says of the new snow gun: “There are always three main objectives each time a snow gun is redesigned: Maximum snow-making performance, maximum energy efficiency and minimal noise emissions. That’s why the TR8 incorporates numerous innovations which simplify snow-making.”

Revolution inside

The TR8 snow gun makes it possible to generate top snow quality under any conditions and so guarantees maximum efficiency on all levels.

The new streamlined design is an immediate eye-catcher. Ease of maintenance is increased by the integration of all protruding parts in the turbine housing. However, the real revolution takes place on the inside: The drive technology of the TR8 has been totally updated and now impresses with its new way of working, simpler maintenance and peak efficiency, while still consuming the same power as the previous T40 model. Like all snow guns from TechnoAlpin, the TR8, with its Quadrijet ceramic nozzles and Wedge Wire water filter, guarantees easy maintenance with top quality and efficiency.

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