TechnoAlpin secures contract in Wanlong, China

It is a strategically important success for TechnoAlpin in the Chinese market that the ski resort of Wanlong has opted to work with the company and signed a contract for the installation of a snow-making system which will include 123 TF10 machines. The contract is an extremely significant showcase project for TechnoAlpin China. The ski resort of Wanlong is in the district of Chongli and is regarded as one of the most innovative ski resorts in Asia. As a leading innovator in the field, TechnoAlpin is therefore the ideal business partner for the ski resort operators. With seven chairlifts and a cable car, the ski resort attracts around 1000 visitors every weekend. That makes Wanlong the most-visited and best-known ski resort in China. Its proximity to Beijing (four hours by road) makes it a favorite with the inhabitants of the capital city. 

For TechnoAlpin, a made-to-measure design is the basis of an efficient snow-making system. The system in the ski resort of Wanlong will also be adapted to suit the local conditions to cater to the customer requirements. Precipitation levels are very low in winter in Chongli therefore the slopes will be armed with a new version of the TF10, the most powerful fan gun on the market. The extension to the system will include the installation of 123 arm-mounted TF10s and 10 Borax snow lances. Snow lances are not yet in very widespread use in China. This head start in innovation in the ski resort of Wanlong could spark a reversal of the trend in the Chinese market. One special feature of the new TF10 is the ability to control the nozzles on the display. They can be enabled or disabled on the user interface which is entirely in Chinese. The TF10 is the only manual snow gun which can be installed on an arm because of its control lowering mechanism. It is very important for the ski resort operator to offer customers the best experience. A high quality of snow can now be guaranteed with the new snow-making system and the ski season extended for the visitors. 

The project at a glance:

  • 123x TF10
  • 10x Borax

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