TechnoAlpin and engo will receive maximum benefit with the union of their synergies

TechnoAlpin and engo take advantage of both companies’ considerable synergy potential: as of June 2018, engo will add new innovative potential in technical winter sports by becoming part of the TechnoAlpin Group.

TechnoAlpin, world leader in snow making technology, and engo, innovation leader in ice rink systems and ice resurfacing machines, draw on their existing synergies and combine their know-how. The two leaders in winter sports will use the strategic advantages of this collaboration to face the future with a wide range of services.

Both companies are known for their constant drive towards innovation. For years, TechnoAlpin has established the technical standard for snowmaking, whether it is on the slopes or indoors. Engo is distinguished for its cutting-edge technology in the production of ice rink equipment, such as ice resurfacing machines and boards, and is also a world leader in innovation within the industry. Through this merger, both companies will combine their existing technical knowledge and work together in the vast field of winter sports. TechnoAlpin has provided snow guns for the Winter Olympics in Korea and Sochi. Additionally, engo has used its technology to provide ice rinks for the Olympic Games and world championships in Turin, Helsinki and Korea, among other places. The merger will open up countless opportunities for the future.

TechnoAlpin and engo celebrate and look forward to an effective and promising partnership. With the expansion of both companies’ skills, all customers and partners will benefit from the advantages.

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