TechnoAlpin's round-the-clock service

Preparations for the winter season are already under way in the northern hemisphere. Many ski resorts are already very well prepared for a perfect start to the cold season. It is essential for snowmaking systems to be in sound working order to be able to offer skiers the best snow conditions on the slopes. In some ski resorts, the final preparations are currently being made to eliminate any problems ahead of the start of the season. During these two critical phases—the preparation and the start—it is particularly important to act swiftly to solve any problems as soon as they arise. This prevents any unnecessary delays in the snowmaking and slope preparation processes. As the season gets under way, the TechnoAlpin after-sales service team will again be available around the clock. Our service staff is trained to deal with any problems that may arise with a straightforward approach and taking fast action in response.  

Our customer service engineers will be available again this year to assist all TechnoAlpin customers with urgent issues, whether they involve problems with snow guns, pumping stations or other components. 

Our hotline service is available around the clock! Give us a call or write us a message:

·        International service hotline +39 0471 550534

·        TechnoAlpin Italy+39 0471 550534

·        TechnoAlpin Deutschland +49 173 7004900

·        TechnoAlpin Austria +43 5224 20909 330

·        TechnoAlpin Schweiz +41 41 874 5009

·        TechnoAlpin France+33 2 4018 4600

·        TechnoAlpin Nordic +46 56 510303

·        TechnoAlpin East Europe +421 903 484 301

·        TechnoAlpin USA +1 720 360 4277

·        TechnoAlpin China +86 316 5759 420

·        TechnoAlpin Russia +7 905 573 3101

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