TF10 – the most powerful fan gun on the market

The TF10 has proved its engineering prowess since its market launch. The TechnoAlpin fan gun is still the most powerful snow gun on the market. The TF10 is used in ski resorts all over the world and is consistent in its provision of top quality snow.

The TechnoAlpin snow guns are particularly efficient at producing snow of a high quality even in difficult weather conditions. Snow output is high, given that the TF10 is fitted with 24 quadrijet nozzles and eight nucleators. There are 16 different control settings, enabling a constantly high quality of snow even in limit temperatures. The control processes are simple, infinitely variable and automatic thanks to the valve block. But power and efficiency are not the only advantages of the TF10. With its internal motor running at 1500 rpm, it is much quieter than comparable models and less of a noise nuisance on account of the lower sound frequency. This is of particular benefit when conducting snowmaking operations near residential areas and areas subject to environmental controls.

The feedback from customers using the machines in all parts of the world is consistently positive. Tony Kewish from the ski resort of Mt Hotham in Australia was quick to get in touch after the market launch. "The TF10 is really impressive," he said. "Even with high humidity levels, there are no problems with ice build-up. It produced a large quantity of snow of top quality here in our resort." And the TF10 is continuing its unbeatable run of snow production in 2017. At the World Cup in Adelboden in January 2017, race organizer Hans Pieren spoke enthusiastically about the product. “We are fortunate to have a new snowmaking system here with the latest technology. [...] It helped us to produce the snow in good time for the official check," he said.

The abiding success of the TF10 and the satisfaction of the customers are also apparent in the production of the snow guns. Over 1,500 fan guns of the TF10 model alone were made in 2016 in total. The great demand underlines the capacity of the machine in terms of both quality and quantity of snow. Its projection range, combined with the huge quantity of snow, is what makes the machine so popular with TechnoAlpin customers.

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