TR8 Brings Perfect Snow to Yellowstone

In the northwestern US state of Montana in the Rocky Mountains you will find the Yellowstone Club ski resort. More than 100 slopes give skiers an unrivaled chance to enjoy the natural surroundings. Since 2004 the resort has relied on TechnoAlpin technology, purchasing its first snow gun from the company. Since then more than 40 snow guns have found their place at Yellowstone. Among others, the efficient V3 snow lances and various powerful TF10 fan guns have been providing the best snow quality and since 2017 Yellowstone has been making snow on its slopes with the revolutionary new fan gun from TechnoAlpin, the TR8. The resort thus proving itself as a pioneer. It is the first in the United States to use the new technology for snow making.

TechnoAlpin spoke to Nate Tellstrom, Snowmaking Supervisor at Yellowstone Club about the collaboration and the fan gun TR8.  

What is your favorite feature about TechnoAlpin?

The automation! It has changed the way we make snow, we are able to optimize our system by being truly fully auto, from our pump houses, to ATASSplus, to our large fan gun fleet and all our lances! We are able to hit our temperature windows and crank out the fresh stuff, with very short start up times.

What is your favorite moment with a TechnoAlpin product?

When its 10-12 degrees Fahrenheit out, dead calm, and you crank a TF10 wide open, full boar at 165gpm! And watch the monster wale form!

How does TechnoAlpin snowmaking equipment work best with your clientele?

At the Yellowstone Club we pride ourselves in creating the best skiable surface you will find anywhere. By utilizing our fully automated TechnoAlpin system to supplement our natural snowpack, we are able to attain and maintain this surface. We want our clientele to have a hard time telling the difference between our manmade snow from TechnoAlpin and the real stuff. I believe our successes has a lot to do with the automation we utilize and the ability to monitor each gun through its onboard weather station as well as the guns automatically adjusting its water output to maintain a perfect product in the constant changing weather. TechnoAlpin makes the best dry fully developed snow crystal, which mostly resembles real powder and that is what we are all about.

What stands out the most to you about the new TR8?

It has to be how quiet the fan gun is! This gun is whisper quiet, it is the quietest fan gun on the market, by far nothing comes close. I love now how TechnoAlpin has incorporated the compressor to run off the same shaft as the fan, it makes this gun start up so much quicker, and really cleaned up the guns look. The plume isn’t as condensed as other guns, the TR8 really makes it into a general direction not just a big pile. We have been putting the TR8 through its paces since October 10, 2017, and this gun is living up to the hype, great throw, and so quiet!

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