Unlimited control of the snowmaking system

Each year, ski resorts are faced with the challenge of exploiting the snow window. The full-automation of the plants supports those responsible both when making economic decisions and on how to best adapt to the weather conditions.

ATASSplus from TechnoAlpin is high-quality control software for the efficient production of top-quality snow. The software helps with the entire snowmaking process and provides a clear layout of complex data, thereby facilitating operation. The 2018 update has improved the functionality of ATASSplus and the reworked mobile version of the system guide with its improved usability is sure to impress. This makes controlling snowmaking systems using your phone even easier and possible from anywhere.

Instant messaging allows you to react in good time


The Notification Center keeps a record of all the faults, alerts and messages of the entire control system. Thanks to the messaging service which can be set to the user’s individual needs, specific data with warnings and informative notifications can be sent. A customization function allows an individual notification setting for each mobile device. A clear hierarchy differentiates between standard push notifications and high-priority messages.

Complete information about all slopes and snow guns

The ATASSplus SlopeManager provides general information for the whole system as well as a breakdown for individual slopes. The quick view allows you to display the current flow and the current average temperature, an expanded view provides further information. The details of individual machines can therefore be looked up quickly and intuitively without having to close the map view. The snow gun window displays the most important data, while all the other values​can be seen in the expanded view, as and when necessary, with just one click.

Always in the right place: Highly-detailed display and personalized maps

The ATASSplus menu bar features a global search function, allowing simple and rapid location of any devices or signals. The extended zoom function and the unlimited view rotation also allow optimum navigation in the app and maximum accuracy of data. The app also offers the user the opportunity to use the map included in ATASSplus instead of the one from Google Maps. This not only helps recognize the individual slopes, it has an offline view which is a real help in areas with bad mobile coverage. The information from individual meteo stations and pumping stations is now also more detailed and displayed better.



A range of tests at the press of a button

It is possible to simulate various conditions for any snow gun for test purposes. Air temperature and air humidity can be simulated for individual snow guns or for several machines in combination. This makes it possible to carry out various tests on your machines. 

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