Upgrade for Westendorf

The Westendorf ski resort is located in the Tyrol and belongs to the largest continuous ski resort in Austria, Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental. The resort has been a loyal client of TechnoAlpin for 25 years and has been using TechnoAlpin snow guns exclusively throughout the entire resort since 2016.

Westendorf has had almost 380 snow guns since the winter of 2016/2017, with 76 of them being delivered in 2016. Some 230 snow lances and 150 fan guns now provide first-class snow.

The system upgrade started in 2015 and saw the replacement of 190 lance heads of the older generation with the latest series V3 and V3ee models. This investment has enabled the resort to save an incredible 80 m³ per minute of air consumption. This meant the ski resort could avoid installing additional compressors and thereby contributed to a rapid return of investment. In addition to these savings, the new series of lances naturally guarantees an improvement in snow quality and an increase in the amount of snow produced.

The reservoir was also extended in 2016. It was necessary to extend the reservoir from 60,000 m³ to 200,000 m³ to allow simultaneous snow-making throughout the entire resort in a short time frame. For geological reasons, it was impossible to find a location for an additional reservoir. Different versions of the entire hydraulic network were simulated by TechnoAlpin using computer-controlled calculation methods in order to determine the ideal dimensions and layout for the different parts of the system.

The result was 6.9 km of new pipes, a new pumping station with a capacity of 675 l/s at 3,500 kW, and cooling towers which integrate perfectly with the environment.

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