Well-designed snowmaking system as the key to success


For ski resorts, a high-performance snowmaking system is essential for a successful winter season. However, the basis for a high-performing system is tailored planning. That’s why we at TechnoAlpin place a huge emphasis on system planning. We consider which slopes are essential for the opening of a ski resort and then match the system to suit the resort. Rapid snowmaking is hugely important for the main slopes. The right snow guns are always in the right place with TechnoAlpin systems. Our extensive product range allows us to supply the right snow guns for all conditions. The water supply is also a key factor for us. The pumping capacity of the system and of the reservoir are carefully calculated and matched to the requirements of the snowmaking system.


Our careful planning means ski resort operators are better equipped to prepare and schedule the opening of the resort and the slopes. They also save on resources because the snowmaking system is very efficient. The importance of system design is highlighted especially in winters with scarce and brief windows of snowfall such as we have seen this season in Europe. Only ski resorts with well-designed and efficient snowmaking systems were able to open their slopes on time. Resort operators were therefore able to offer their customers immaculately prepared slopes in December. Feedback from our clients has been very positive for this season as they were able to rely completely on our snowmaking systems.

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