Maximum mobility and compactness

MMS: Manual snowmaking at its best

The MMS (Manual Mobile Snowgun) is a portable, manual fan gun developed by TechnoAlpin. Its most distinctive feature is its simple and intuitive handling. The nozzles are controlled centrally at the valve block. Thanks to 13 different switch combinations, optimal snow quality can be produced in a wide range of outdoor conditions The MMS comes with a temperature sensor as standard with the facility of on-screen readouts.

Manual operation

Compact dimensions

Mobile use

Manual operation

The Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic insert are controlled centrally by means of 4 manual valves on the valve block for ease and convenience.

Compact dimensions

The MMS is compact enough for portable use on the slopes.

Mobile use

Using the transport frame, the MMS can be installed in different positions on the slope for optimal flexibility and a long range.

Hand-operated yet high-tech

The MMS has a manual vertical height adjustment mechanism and a motorized horizontal swing device with additional manual release to guarantee even and extensive coverage on the slopes. The snow gun software enables various snow quality settings and displays the number of nozzles which have to be opened in certain conditions. Settings can also be saved for start and stop temperatures.

Technical components

Technical data



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Technical components

Nozzle ring

TechnoAlpin fan guns are fitted with hard-wearing Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic inserts. The ceramic inserts guarantee a high level of durability and resistance even when used with aggressive water. The four-jet technology is used to optimize and equalize the spray action and therefore to guarantee top snow quality. TechnoAlpin has been using this advanced technology since 1992 and the heating system in the nozzle ring operates selectively, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Valve technology and water filter

Nozzles can be turned on and off on all TechnoAlpin snow guns depending on the temperature. This keeps the quality of the snow consistently high. This regulation can be a simple and infinitely adjustable process thanks to the valve block. The WEDGE WIRE water filter cartridge, which is made of high-quality nickel chromium steel, is also integrated in the valve block to save space. It has no weld seams and is therefore extremely durable.

Oil-free compressor

The snow guns produced by TechnoAlpin are fitted with an aluminum oil-free piston compressor with integrated cooling circuit. This system has been in use since 1999, allowing the snow guns to be positioned at any angle. The oil-free compressors made by Kaeser are also very environmentally friendly and ensure that no oil escapes into the environment through the snowproduction process. They operate at the same flow rate and yet they use less energy and do not need to be serviced annually. With no oil filters, trap cartridges, oil level monitors and stationary heating installations, this all adds up to a reduction in the annual running costs of a snowmaking system.

Technical data


Nominal voltage 400 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal current 33* A
Connecting plug 5x63 A
Nominal power - largest motor (turbine) 12.5 kW
Compressor 4 kW
Heating 0.5 ÷ 1.8 kW


Snow gun length 1700 mm
Snow gun width 1200 mm
Snow gun height 2050 mm
Undercarriage height 350 mm
Total height 2400 mm
Length [max.] 3000 mm
Length [excluding drawbar] 2700 mm
Length [excluding front jack] 2350 mm
Width [max.] 2350 mm
Track gauge [wheels] 2000 mm


Snow guns 575 kg
Transport frame with jacks 165 kg
Yoke 13 kg
KIT for mobile undercarriage (GRPT0013) 75 kg
KIT for mobile undercarriage (GRPT0056) 60 kg


Operating temperature -12.5°C
(Rotational) speed 3000 rpm
Turbine inclination 45°
Horizontal rotation 360°
Swinging (automatic) /


Operating water pressure 8 - 40 bar
Water filter 250 microns
Water connection - Camlock 2 in


Nucleator 6
Fixed nozzles - Quadrijet type 6
Switchable nozzles - Quadrijet type 12

NB: Subject to technical modifications.

Data are subject to change depending on the type of plant and/or the country of installation (please always refer to the wiring diagrams).

*Measurements at nominal voltage at 1500 m above sea level and at a temperature of 0°C.


Mobile structure

The maneuverability and balance of the snow gun are optimized. The main units, such as the motor, compressor, electric switchboard and valve block, are cleverly arranged around the center line, and the center of gravity has been lowered, therefore despite its size the machine is only slightly heavier than other fan guns.

Photos & videos

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