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TR10: Innovation makes the difference

The TR10 is consummate precision and technical innovation down to the very last detail. It combines top-quality snow with optimum use of resources and supreme usability. The newly designed nozzle valve technology of the TR10 is especially efficient and reliable. With its functional design and the largest touch display available on the market, the TR10 is unbeatable in terms of usability.

Innovative nozzle valve technology

Unbeatable snow output

Supreme usability

Innovative nozzle valve technology

The central valve block in the TR10 has been replaced by perfectly coordinated, individually controllable single valves that are especially resource efficient and reliable.

Unbeatable snow output

The innovative air cooling system on the TR10 achieves unsurpassed snow output, even at limit temperatures.

Supreme usability

The functional design and fully integrated touch display make the TR10 very user friendly.

Excellence right down to the smallest detail

Perfect snow quality starts with the smallest parts of a snow gun. All the nucleators on the TR10 have two ruby inserts that ensure the constant production of high-quality snow. This is coupled with innovative and highly efficient nozzle valve technology. Excess water is directly incorporated into the air jet to prevent water loss on valve actuation. Every drop of water is turned into snow. The new mechanical concept of automatic positioning also ensures even greater efficiency in snowmaking.

Tech. Components

Technical data



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Tech. Components

A completely new nozzle valve system

A completely new nozzle valve system was designed for the TR10. The central valve block is replaced by individually controllable single valves. Highly innovative and perfectly coordinated, each nozzle block on the nozzle ring is controlled by its own valve. More valves bring more advantages.

Resource efficiency: The loss of water on actuation of the various valves is prevented through the use of compressed air to discharge the nozzles. The excess water is integrated directly into the air jet and then converted into snow.

Operational safety: The innovative nozzle valve design completely eliminates the need for the central valve block and front discharge. This prevents the formation of ice in front of the machine and greatly increases operational safety.
Technical reliability: Thanks to the intelligent valve circuit, the valves can replace each other in the event of a failure, ensuring that the required number of nozzles is always open.

The best snow output in borderline conditions

Air cooling on the machine is key to improving snowmaking performance in borderline conditions. The air cooler on the TR10 has been redesigned and improved. It has an unprecedented cooling capacity due to the significant increase in the amount of cooling surface, thereby enabling the production of snow of perfect quality even in difficult temperature conditions. The TR10 is particularly impressive at limit temperatures, achieving unsurpassed levels of snow output.

Snow of gemstone quality

Perfect snow quality starts with the smallest parts of a snow producer. The optimum air and water mixture is the decisive factor. All the nucleators on the TR10 are fitted with two ruby inserts as standard, seated in the hole through which the correct amount of water is allowed into the compressed air. These ruby inserts boast maximum wear resistance, even in the presence of aggressive water and high operating pressures. They enable the constant production of high-quality snow over many years and significantly reduce the need to replace nucleators.

One motor for improved output

The fan and compressor on the TR10 are driven by just one electric motor. The rotary vane compressor is oil-free, delivers a more uniform compressed air flow, weighs less and is easier to service.

Always in the lead

The correct snowmaking position is vital in order to produce snow efficiently. The TR10 has a completely new mechanism which automatically takes the snow gun – even the mobile version – to the correct vertical snowmaking position when it is put into operation. The TR10 will automatically move to the correct working position and return to the starting position after the end of snowmaking operations in future, making it less susceptible to damage when not in use.
The aim of this change was not only to improve the snow output but also to simplify the work of the snowmaking operations team. Both the starting and the working position of the TR10 can be individually preset. The pivot settings of the fan gun have also been improved and enable more precision in the delivery of the snow on the slope.

The big screen

The TR10 comes with the largest touch display on the market. The touch functions have been specifically integrated into the machine control system and are therefore particularly user-friendly. The touch display has been painstakingly adapted to the requirements of the snowmaking operations teams and boasts impressive and unique features. Optimum readability: The incredible brightness level and automatic dimmer function allow perfect legibility, even in strong sunlight and at night. The screen is also still easy to read at very steep angles. Functional even in extreme situations: The display is still fully operational even at -30°C. The larger spaces between the individual touch elements allow precise control even when wearing gloves.

Perfection and design

The innovative and functional design of the TR10 is a masterpiece of engineering. The side covers open out, enabling instant access to all the main components. The front ring on the TR10 has a telescopic pull-out action, allowing quick access to the nozzle valve ring without having to remove the cover. Ease of maintenance is increased and transport safety is improved by the integration of all the protruding parts in the turbine housing.

Technical data


Nominal voltage 400 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal current 41* A
Connecting plug 5x63 A
Nominal power - POWER UNIT (turbine+compressor) 22 kW
Heating 1.3 kW


Snow gun length 1750 mm
Snow gun width 1400 mm
Snow gun height 2000 mm
Undercarriage height 385 mm
Total height 2470 mm
Length [max.] 3100 mm
Length [excluding drawbar] 2460 mm
Length [excluding front jack] 2100 mm
Width [max.] 2350 mm
Track gauge [wheels] 2160 mm


Snow gun - compressor 708 kg
Transport frame with jacks 120 kg
Double lifting hook 38 kg
KIT for mobile undercarriage (GRPT007) 62 kg


Operating temperature -25 - +2°C
(Rotational) speed 1500 rpm
Turbine inclination 45°
Horizontal rotation 360°
Swinging (automatic) 180°


Operating water pressure 8 - 40 bar
Water filter 250 microns
Water connection - Camlock 2 in


Nucleator 8
Fixed nozzles - Quadrijet type 8
Switchable nozzles - Quadrijet type 16

NB: Subject to technical modifications.

Data are subject to change depending on the type of plant and/or the country of installation (please always refer to the wiring diagrams).

*Measurements at nominal voltage at 1500 m above sea level and at a temperature of 0°C.


Mobile structure

The maneuverability and balance of the snow gun are optimized. The main units, such as the motor, compressor, electric switchboard and valve block, are cleverly arranged around the center line, and the center of gravity has been lowered, therefore despite its size the machine is only slightly heavier than other fan guns.

Two-part transport frame with jacks

The structure and the optional two-part undercarriage allow a simple conversion of mobile units to a fixed lift-mounted installation. The front section of the undercarriage can be removed from the snowcat blade with a few hand movements and the machine can be linked up and attached directly to the lift carriage. The jacks and rear section of the undercarriage can then be dismantled.

Tower-mounted installation

Fixed tower-mounted snow gun installations are typically used for slope sections which are difficult to access and require large amounts of snow. The elevated position of the snow gun improves the snow output. The tower consists of a steel column which is 1.6 m high, and the mounting base has a height of 20 cm. The installation process is simplified by the low self-weight. Covering mats also come as standard, as does a service platform.

Lift-mounted installation

In the case of lift-mounted installations, the snow gun is mounted on a steel column which is 3.5 m or 4.5 m high and has an ascending and descending machine platform. This has a centering device to ease initial installation or to enable air installations. The snow gun is operated by Bluetooth® remote control or from the ground by means of an optionally available additional keyboard at ground level.
Lifts are available in manual version, with HIT-TRAC 8 or with hydraulic systems. Maintenance work can be carried out with the aid of various systems. Snow guns mounted on manual lifts can be lowered by means of a jack-hoist mechanism. The HIT-TRAC 8 lift can be operated with the HIT-TRAC 8 motor-driven rope pulling device. The pull rope runs through the pulley assembly at the top of the lift and a return pulley on the carriage, thereby raising and lowering the snow gun complete with carriage. With the hydraulic lift, the snow gun is raised or lowered using an electric pump and hydraulic cylinder inside the lift column.

Arm-mounted installation

Snow guns can be mounted on a support arm measuring 12 m in length. This arrangement is typically used on wide sections which receive very little snow and where wind conditions require that the snow gun will need to be located well into the slope layout. The snow guns are operated by Bluetooth® remote control or by means of an additional keyboard at ground level.

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