A revolution in the snowmaking system market

TR8: Innovative technology with a new motor

The TR8 fan gun boasts an unparalleled innovative concept combined with proven technologies from TechnoAlpin. With simplified maintenance, thanks to its newly redesigned housing, and the development of new drive technology, the TR8 is a revolution in the snowmaking market. It enables the production of snow of optimum quality in any conditions, thereby guaranteeing supreme efficiency at all levels.

Advanced maintenance

Unique drive

Innovative technology

Advanced maintenance

The side panel that opens upwards, the low profile and the removable front ring make all key components of the TR8 easily accessible and at ground level.

Unique drive

The TR8 is the first snow gun where the fan and compressor are driven by just one electric motor, and its effectiveness is unrivaled.

Innovative technology

The new drive technology of the TR8 coupled with the innovative design of the housing set unprecedented technological standards.

Superior technology — straightforward maintenance

The functional, streamlined design of the TR8 ensures unparalleled ease of maintenance. Integrating the meteo station, the work lights and the warning lights in the turbine enclosure make the machine even easier to service. The ease of maintenance is revolutionized by the new side panel that opens upward. Its low dimensions and light weight make the TR8 very stable and easy to use.

Technical components

Technical data



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Technical components

One motor for improved output

For the first time the fan and compressor are driven by just one electric motor on a snow gun. The rotary vane compressor is oil-free, delivers a more uniform compressed air flow, weighs less and is easier to service. Thanks to its permanent-magnet motor with inverter, the TR8 achieves IE4 mechanical efficiency. It consumes the same amount of current as its predecessor T40 but with much more airflow, the TR8 can be operated across a very wide voltage range. The motor always works at its optimal efficiency.


The proven low rotational speed, which is already used in other machines from TechnoAlpin, is also found in the TR8 turbine concept. Because it turns at just 1,780 rpm and has its turbine motor inside the machine, the TR8 impresses with its smooth running, noise emissions and insensitivity to vibrations. The noise level of the machine has been reduced, and the audio frequency has also been adapted. The working environment of the snowmaking crew is significantly improved and the TR8 is also suitable for use in the vicinity of urban areas.

Compressed air cooling

Thanks to compressed-air cooling in the water circuit of the valve block, the air is always efficiently cooled. This eliminates the need to switch the cooling on and off and ensures a relatively constant water temperature. It also ensures the compressed air is adequately cooled at marginal temperatures, but hardly increases the cooling of the compressed air at lower temperatures. The cooling thus remains more or less constant within each temperature range.

Integrated design

Meteo station, LED work lights and LED warning lights are integrated into the fold-up turbine housing. This design gives the TR8 its streamlined look and also maximizes ease of maintenance.

Valve technology and water filter

Nozzles can be turned on and off on all TechnoAlpin snow guns depending on the temperature. This keeps the quality of the snow consistently high. This regulation can be a simple and infinitely adjustable process thanks to the valve block. The WEDGE WIRE water filter cartridge, which is made of high-quality nickel chromium steel, is also integrated in the valve block to save space. It has no weld seams and is therefore extremely durable.

Nozzle ring

TechnoAlpin fan guns are fitted with hard-wearing Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic inserts. The ceramic inserts guarantee a high level of durability and resistance even when used with aggressive water. The four-jet technology is used to optimize and equalize the spray action and therefore to guarantee top snow quality. TechnoAlpin has been using this advanced technology since 1992 and the heating system in the nozzle ring operates selectively, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Technical data


Nominal voltage 400 (340-500) V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal current 32.5* A
Connecting plug 5x63 A
Nominal power - largest motor (turbine) 18.2 kW
Heating 0.5 ÷ 1.6 kW


Snow gun length 1625 mm
Snow gun width 1450 mm
Snow gun height 1860 mm
Undercarriage height 350 mm
Total height 2220 mm
Length [max.] 3000 mm
Length [excluding drawbar] 2700 mm
Length [excluding front jack] 2350 mm
Width [max.] 2350 mm
Track gauge [wheels] 2000 mm


Snow gun - compressor 640 kg
Transport frame with jacks 165 kg
Yoke 13 kg
KIT for mobile undercarriage (GRPT0013) 75 kg
KIT for mobile undercarriage (GRPT0056) 60 kg


Operating temperature -12.5°C
(Rotational) speed 1765 rpm
Turbine inclination 45°
Horizontal rotation 360°
Swinging (automatic) 180°


Operating water pressure 8 - 40 bar
Water filter 250 microns
Water connection - Camlock 2 in


Nucleator 6
Fixed nozzles - Quadrijet type 6
Switchable nozzles - Quadrijet type 12

NB: Subject to technical modifications.

Data are subject to change depending on the type of plant and/or the country of installation (please always refer to the wiring diagrams).

*Measurements at nominal voltage at 1500 m above sea level and at a temperature of 0°C.


Mobile structure

The maneuverability and balance of the snow gun are optimized. The main units, such as the motor, compressor, electric switchboard and valve block, are cleverly arranged around the center line, and the center of gravity has been lowered, therefore despite its size the machine is only slightly heavier than other fan guns.

Two-part transport frame with jacks

The structure and the optional two-part undercarriage allow a simple conversion of mobile units to a fixed lift-mounted installation. The front section of the undercarriage can be removed from the snowcat blade with a few hand movements and the machine can be linked up and attached directly to the lift carriage. The jacks and rear section of the undercarriage can then be dismantled.

Tower-mounted installation

Fixed tower-mounted snow gun installations are typically used for slope sections which are difficult to access and require large amounts of snow. The elevated position of the snow gun improves the snow output. The tower consists of a steel column which is 1.6 m high, and the mounting base has a height of 20 cm. The installation process is simplified by the low self-weight. Covering mats also come as standard, as does a service platform.

Lift-mounted installation

In the case of lift-mounted installations, the snow gun is mounted on a steel column which is 3.5 m or 4.5 m high and has an ascending and descending machine platform. This has a centering device to ease initial installation or to enable air installations. The snow gun is operated by Bluetooth® remote control or from the ground by means of an optionally available additional keyboard at ground level.
Lifts are available in manual version, with HIT-TRAC 8 or with hydraulic systems. Maintenance work can be carried out with the aid of various systems. Snow guns mounted on manual lifts can be lowered by means of a jack-hoist mechanism. The HIT-TRAC 8 lift can be operated with the HIT-TRAC 8 motor-driven rope pulling device. The pull rope runs through the pulley assembly at the top of the lift and a return pulley on the carriage, thereby raising and lowering the snow gun complete with carriage. With the hydraulic lift, the snow gun is raised or lowered using an electric pump and hydraulic cylinder inside the lift column.

Arm-mounted installation

Snow guns can be mounted on a support arm measuring 12 m in length. This arrangement is typically used on wide sections which receive very little snow and where wind conditions require that the snow gun will need to be located well into the slope layout. The snow guns are operated by Bluetooth® remote control or by means of an additional keyboard at ground level.

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