Energy-efficient and powerful

Snow lances for targeted snowmaking

TechnoAlpin's snow lances feature pioneering technology, combining high standards of innovation with many years of experience in lance production. Our snow lances offer unique quality in snow production, even at limit temperatures. The snow output from the lances has been continually increased by optimizing the nozzles and nucleators. The emphasis is also on the energy efficiency of the snow guns. There is a wide selection of snow lances for varying demands and different types of terrain.


Eight steps for maximum snow performance

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Top performance over the entire operating range

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The lance for extreme borderline temperatures

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TL4 manual

The snow lance with manual setting

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Proven success models

Best snow performance in years

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Snow guns for extensive snow coverage

TechnoAlpin's fan guns feature pioneering and efficient technology coupled with cutting-edge characteristics in terms of snow production.

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Snow even at temperatures above freezing

The SnowFactory is an innovative snowmaking technology that can produce snow regardless of air temperatures.

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Turnkey snowmaking systems

If our customers prosper, we also prosper. Therefore we collaborate on the development of snowmaking systems to cater for individual requirements to achieve optimum results.

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