Snow at warm temperatures

Snowfactory: Guarantees snow at temperatures above freezing

The Snowfactory is an innovative snowmaking technology that can produce snow regardless of air temperature. It can reliably support ski resort operators and competition organizers in their planning. The Snowfactory is not intended to replace conventional snowmaking systems, but rather to complement them. With their help, snow can be produced 24/7, regardless of the outdoor conditions at the site.

The Snowfactory

Ski resorts

Guaranteed season start date
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Alpine Ski World Cup

Snow guarantee for the Alpine Ski World Cup
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Cross-country skiing and biathlon

Snow-reliability for Nordic skiing
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Ski jumps

Ski jumping, even at above-zero temperatures
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Other sports events

Snow for sports events at all locations
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Snow production at temperatures above 15°C (59°F)
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Special events

Snow for special events
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Year-round snow production
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New technologies in a nutshell

The Snowfactory uses an innovative refrigerating technology to produce snow. An efficient heat exchanger cools the water down to freezing point without chemical additives, and enables snow production in a closed circuit no matter what the outside temperature. The snow is made exclusively of water. The consistency and high volumes of the snow make it last longer despite warmer ambient temperatures. No complicated building work or fittings are necessary for the installation of the Snowfactory. It is delivered ready for operation in a container to the respective location, and is available both as a mobile and as a stationary unit.



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SF100 Standard

The SF100 Standard is the ideal alternative for snowmaking at higher temperatures. Without the need for complex infrastructure, it guarantees snow production even in warm temperatures up to 25°C (77°F). The SF100 is permanently installed and is perfect for ski jumps, cross-country ski trails or sections of slopes.

SF100 Mobile

The SF100 Mobile differs from the SF100 Standard mainly in the refrigerant used. Because it uses Opteon refrigerant, the SF100 Mobile can be used when ammonia is not suitable. As a portable model, the SF100 Mobile is ideal for open-air events or events of any kind.

SF100 Plus

The SF100 Plus is permanently installed and produces snow at an outdoor temperature of up to 35°C (95°F), making it suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor areas where warm ambient temperatures occur, for example for snow towns and amusement parks, as an attraction for shopping centers or other applications.


The SF210 produces snow at temperatures of up to 25°C (77°F) and impresses with its enormous snowmaking capacity, which is twice as high as that of the SF100. The SF210's design makes it modularly expandable. It is permanently installed and is primarily suitable for use on ski jumps, cross-country ski trails, and sections of slope.


Snowfactory Brochure

2020 Snowfactory case study

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Snow guns for extensive snow coverage

TechnoAlpin's fan guns feature pioneering and efficient technology coupled with cutting-edge characteristics in terms of snow production.

Snow lances for targeted snowmaking

TechnoAlpin's snow lances feature pioneering technology, combining high standards of innovation with many years of experience in lance production.

Targeted overview

Using custom-control software, we take technical snowmaking to a new level and provide the resource-optimized basis to ensure our customers' success.

On-site anytime, anywhere

Our service team guarantees worldwide customer support and will travel anywhere to resolve issues with your snowmaking system.

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