Rubis EvoRubis Evo

Snow lances for targeted snow production

The TechnoAlpin snow lances boast an impressive combination of the high innovation standards of TechnoAlpin in engineering and the many years of experience gained in lance development by the company York Neige. The snow lances therefore offer unique quality in snow production.

Snow lances do not rely on turbines because they work by exploiting the natural drop height. When man-made snow is produced, the water crystallizes on its way to the ground. Due to the absence of turbines, snow lances have a low projection range and are therefore particularly good at aiming the snowfall at specific locations. If used on narrow and medium-sized slopes which are sheltered from the wind, there is no need for additional time-consuming snow distribution.


Energy-efficient and powerful

The snow output from TechnoAlpin lances has been continually increased by optimizing the nozzles and nucleators. The emphasis is also on the energy efficiency of the snow guns. Good stewardship of the available resources is characteristic of the quality and sustainability of TechnoAlpin. There is a wide selection of snow lances for varying demands and different types of terrain: The most powerful lance is the TL6 which can also be deployed in extreme borderline temperatures. The outstanding features of the V3 and V3ee snow lances include reduced ice formation and high energy efficiency, and an optimum use of resources can be achieved with the Rubis Evo. The and snow lances also boast high output in limit temperatures.