The snow gun for warm temperatures

TechnoAlpin has developed the Snowfactory for selected snowmaking applications. Nordic centers are most likely to be situated in areas which are too warm for conventional snowmaking systems and so the TechnoAlpin Snowfactory provides greater ability to prepare the trails. This snow gun is not intended as a substitute for conventional snow production but is more of an addition to the existing snowmaking applications and technologies. This type of snow machine is therefore mainly used on relatively low slope sections or at events in large towns.

The Snowfactory produces snow by means of an innovative cooling technology. An efficient heat exchanger cools the water to its freezing point without using any chemical additives. The refrigeration circuit remains closed in the process, enabling the production of snow in any outdoor temperature.

Simple instant installation

No complicated building work or fittings are necessary for the installation of the Snowfactory. The snowmaking system is delivered in the container on site ready for operation. It only needs to be connected to the power and water supply, then snow can be produced around the clock, regardless of the outdoor conditions or the water temperature on site.

The Snowfactory is therefore also suitable for temporary installations. The snow gun is ready for series production and the technology has been tried and tested in many different cases, therefore a wide and diverse range of models and sizes can be produced and adapted to individual conditions. The installation size is dimensioned specifically for the refrigeration circuit in any given case, and the use of high-quality components enables snow to be produced with high levels of energy efficiency in any application and build environment.