Reliable organization and professional installation of snowmaking systems

The logistics team is mainly responsible for entering and checking orders and for organizing the shipments to various construction sites. It has a particularly important role in coordinating operations between the purchasing, warehouse and shipping sections. TechnoAlpin produces all its snow guns at its headquarter in Bolzano (South Tyrol/ITA). They are then delivered from there to customers all over the world. Impassable roads and import restrictions are just some of the challenges which are overcome by TechnoAlpin thanks to its expertise and experience.

TechnoAlpin also provides individual support on the construction site. The project manager is responsible for making sure that the works run smoothly and to plan. The job includes regular visits to the site and, in the case of turnkey snowmaking systems, some involvement in the site management. The project manager also coordinates the team members and is responsible for health and safety on the job. At the end of the works, the project manager oversees the commissioning with the customer and guarantees thorough training before the final handover of the snowmaking system.