High durability and resistance of valves

Snowmaking systems make supreme demands on all the components in terms of their durability and resistance. Therefore TechnoAlpin develops valves to satisfy the most exacting requirements and to meet a wide and diverse range of technical specifications. Besides the cold and wind, the valves in a snowmaking system are required to withstand water pressures of up to 100 bar.

Hydromat W3

In fan guns valves from the Hydromat W3 range are used. These are fully automatic adjustable valves with an automatic closing function in the event of a fault and an integrated drain valve. The valve regulates the water pressure to the snow gun by restricting the volume flow rate and is cleverly engineered to enable infinitely variable regulation of the water pressure. When connected to an automatic snow gun, the Hydromat W3 guarantees fully automatic operation. The closed hydraulic circuit is operated with biodegradable hydraulic oil and is therefore also environmentally friendly.

YB valve and YC valve

The lances supplied by TechnoAlpin are fitted with fully automatic adjustable valves of type YB or YC, depending on the model. The automatic YB water and air valve is an innovation resulting from research work by the TechnoAlpin development team. It combines advanced functions designed to simplify the snowmaking operation. It can, for example, be integrated into the ATASSplus or Liberty control software thanks to an intelligent communication module. The YB valve is extremely compact and is fitted with a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure, and it also regulates water pressure, water throughput and airflow. The separation of the air and water circuits also prevents water from being able to flow into the airstream. The opening and closing cycles for the valve drainage guarantee optimum operation without the risk of icing over. The 24 V electricity supply also increases safety.

The YC valve is a water control valve for lances with on board air compressors which is based on the same technology as the YB valve. Like the YB valve, the YC valve also has a patented closing mechanism for safety in the event of a mains power failure and an optimized water drainage system, and it operates with 24 V electricity supply.