Flexible and reliable water supply for snow-making systems

TechnoAlpin ensures a guaranteed supply of water for snowmaking systems over decades. The guarantee comes courtesy of a perfectly coordinated system consisting of pumping stations, reservoirs and the ALPINAL pipe system.

ALPINAL pipe system

In order to guarantee problem-free snowmaking operations, the pipes for the water supply must also satisfy the most exacting demands. The ALPINAL system developed by TechnoAlpin is a range of pipes, connections and fittings, covering all the requirements for a snowmaking pipe system up to a maximum operating pressure of PFA 100 bar.

The components of the Alpinal system are made of ductile iron which is particularly suitable for use in difficult Alpine terrain on account of its robust strength, durability and operating pressure capacity. The special properties of the ALPINAL systems allow them to be fitted on site easily and in any weather conditions. There is absolutely no need for any welding work because of the cross-functionality of the socket joints and connection systems.

The use of the friction-locking ALPINAL cast iron pipe system means concrete thrust blocks are no longer required. The pipes have a high structural load capacity, remain firmly in position and are inherently stable, and they can absorb the longitudinal or transverse shearing forces through the flexible restrained socket joint. Depending on the soil stiffness, ductile iron pipes can be used with very thin overburden heights of just 30 cm right through to embankments of up to 50 m, and they can also withstand heavy transport loads of 60 t gross (SLW60).

The system components are available from DN 80 PFA 100 to DN 300 PFA 100 and from DN 400 PFA 85 to DN 500 PFA 63. These enormously high pressures in conjunction with the large dimensions on the global market can only be achieved with the ALPINAL system.

The high standards applied in the production and installation of the ALPINAL systems are also the reference standards for data cables, electric cables and air ducts. This is how TechnoAlpin guarantees top quality in all the production processes and for all the system components.

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Pumping stations

The most customized part of a snowmaking system is the pumping station. It depends on various local parameters, such as the water supply and the size of the system. At the same time the pumping station is the beating heart of a system and its failure would adversely affect the snow production process as a whole.

A precision-designed pumping station is fundamental to the reliability of a snowmaking system. Therefore TechnoAlpin takes account of all the local conditions and the specific nature of the terrain in the design of every pumping station. A team of expert designers and project managers draws up the masterplan for each system, specifying the dimensions for the pumping stations for each ski resort.

High-quality components and regular servicing ensure the efficiency and reliability of the pumping stations. Under the TechnoAlpin service contracts, snowmaking systems are therefore inspected at regular intervals by trained personnel. This guarantees the customers problem-free operation of the entire system and continuous optimization of performance. Regular service checks can pre-empt machine breakdowns and avoid additional costs.

Each pumping station can be controlled precisely by the use of the ATASSplus and Liberty data control systems, thereby guaranteeing optimum utilizatation of the ever shorter windows of opportunity for snow production. The intelligent control system also ensures resource-efficient capacity utilization of the pumps and compressors. This increases the energy efficiency of the system with lasting and sustainable effect.

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High pressure water is needed to make snow. For optimum results at the right time in terms of snow coverage, there must be enough water to prevent unexpected shut down of the snowmaking system or shortage of resources. In most cases, therefore, an adequate supply of water is kept in reservoirs. TechnoAlpin designs and builds reservoirs which work in conjunction with a pumped-storage plant to supply all the systems with water. Reservoirs can be built in various dimensions in order to accommodate existing conditions and take account of local requirements.