Snowfactory: making snow, even when temperatures are above freezing

The Snowfactory is an innovative snowmaking technology that can produce snow regardless of air temperatures. It can thus support ski resort operators and competition organisers by improving the planning reliability of their snow cover. The Snowfactory is not intended to replace conventional snowmaking systems, but rather to complement them.

The principle

The Snowfactory uses an innovative refrigerating technology to produce snow. An efficient heat exchanger cools the water down to freezing point without chemical additives, and enables snow production in a closed circuit no matter what the outside temperature. The snow is made exclusively of water. The consistency and high volumes of the snow make it last longer despite warmer ambient temperatures.

The Snowfactory does not require any extensive construction work or installations. It is delivered ready for operation in a container to the respective location, and is available both as a mobile and as a stationary unit. Following connection to electricity and water supplies, snow can be produced twenty-four-seven, regardless of the external conditions at the site.

Snowfactory brochure

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Application areas

Ski resorts
Alpine Ski World Cup
CC-skiing & Biathlon
Ski jumping
Other sports events
Special events