Snow guarantee for the Alpine Ski World Cup

The Snowfactory has already proven itself at numerous world cup venues – including the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. Such important major events always mean a great deal of pressure for the organisers. If a competition cannot take place as planned, this results in a significant loss of revenue. Snow reliability is therefore crucial. To guarantee that there is never a lack of the precious white powder, organisers not only use conventional snow guns but also the innovative technology of the Snowfactory. It ensures snow reliability at an early stage and the competitions can be confirmed on time for the official snow control. “Although the structure of the Snowfactory snow is different than the classic, technical snow, it can be prepared so that no difference is noticeable for the races”, explains Markus Waldner, FIS race director.

The Snowfactory at the Ski World Cup in Sljeme

The Slalom World Cup in Sljeme (Croatia) suffered from snow uncertainty for many years. Two Snowfactory SF100 units were therefore put to work in 2017 to guarantee the race. In an interview, FIS race director Markus Waldner emphasised how indispensable the Snowfactory had also been for the organisation of the tournament in 2020. “Using the Snowfactory in Sljeme was of paramount importance this year: without it, the races could not have been confirmed on Snow Control Day. The Snowfactory made it possible to cover the last section of the racing track with snow. The traditional methods of snow production on their own would not have been sufficient to hold the races.”

Further references

  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • DSV (Germany)
  • Sljeme (Croatia)

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