Making snow for glaciers all year round

The Snowfactory can be used during the summer months on the peaks of glaciers to provide entertainment for guests. In summer ski resorts it can ensure that the area around the mountain stations of the ski lifts is also covered with snow. Snowfactory snow can also be used to fill cracks or renew or cover snow that has become soiled due to heavy visitor traffic. This can reduce snowmelt and counteract glacier shrinkage.

The Snowfactory on the Titlis glacier

A Snowfactory SF100 was installed on the Titlis glacier in Engelberg (Switzerland) at an altitude of some 3,020 m above sea level. The special feature of this already exceptional project was not least how the snowmaker was transported: it was lifted to the glacier by cable car. To make this possible, the technology was fitted into two 20-foot containers instead of the usual single 40-foot container. Due to the reduced weight and size, it was possible to attach the individual parts to the bottom of the gondola and in this way transport them to the top of the mountain.

Further application areas

Ski resorts
Alpine ski world cup
CC-skiing & Biathlon
Ski jumping
Other sports events