Ski jumping, even at above-zero temperatures

As with other winter sport disciplines, the Snowfactory also plays a special role in ski jumping events such as the FIS World Cup. It is used to prepare the out-run and is powerful enough to produce the required volumes of snow of approximately 4,000 m³. Although traditional snow guns are also often used in combination with the Snowfactory, it has already proven its worth as a stand-alone snowmaker.

The Snowfactory in Klingenthal

To guarantee that the Ski Jumping World Cup in Klingenthal (Germany) always runs smoothly, the organisers use Snowfactory units provided by the German Ski Association (DSV). The machines produce roughly 3,000 m³ of snow for the competition held in the Vogtland Arena. For Walter Vogel of the DSV, the Snowfactory was the salvation of the Ski Jumping World Cup in 2015/2016: “Without the Snowfactory, the World Cup in Klingenthal would not have taken place. We are very happy with the decision to purchase these machines; they work perfectly and reliably. There is always a certain amount of tension or uncertainty whenever temperatures play up, particularly at events. The Snowfactory simply gives the organisers the reliability they need.”

Further references

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  • Willingen (Germany)
  • Titisee-Neustadt (Germany)

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