TR8: A snow gun revolutionizes snowmaking

For TechnoAlpin, innovation is a top priority in all areas. Optimizing existing snowmaking solutions and developing new ones are therefore key objectives for the company. The TR8 fan gun is the latest product to result from meticulous research and development by TechnoAlpin.

The continuous improvement of the snow guns makes TechnoAlpin a world leader in innovation. This ongoing optimization process enables TechnoAlpin to offer the most  advanced products for snowmaking and guarantees the highest snow quality for its customers.

The TR8 fan gun sets the bar yet another notch higher in reaching standards of technology never previously attained. The development of new mechanisms of action and the simplification of maintenance mean the TR8 has revolutionized the snowmaking market. It enables the production of snow of optimum quality in any conditions, thereby guaranteeing supreme efficiency at all levels. The ultimate goal is to continue to streamline the snowmaking process.

Benefits and technical data
Success story

Innovative technology. Advanced maintenance.

The new TR8 fan gun stands out thanks to a completely new concept. This relates both to the overall housing of the snow gun and also the drive technology.

The functional, streamlined design of the snow gun ensures unparalleled ease of maintenance. Integrating the meteo station and the LED warning lamp in the turbine enclosure make the machine even easier to service. There are no protruding parts, so annoying snow build-up is greatly reduced. The ease of maintenance of the TR8 is revolutionized by the new side panel that opens upward.

The compressed air cooling system has also been optimized: A perfectly tempered air is garanteed at all times thanks to the integration of the air cooling system into the water circuit of the valve block.