ATASSpro – Precision control system for efficient snow-making operations

Fully automatic and intelligent control of the snowmaking system is the basic prerequisite for energy-efficient snow generation. Only with the aid of a powerful control system is it possible to exploit the ever shorter windows when the temperature is at its optimum for snow generation or to react to changes in the most efficient way. This also has a positive effect on costs. The ATASSpro software combines the best functions of the tried and tested Liberty and ATASSplus control systems in one single package. At the same time, the functions have been radically updated and brought into line with modern software engineering. ATASSpro therefore combines foolproof and familiar with new and original. Simplicity with singularity.

Modern snowmaking systems are complex systems combining snow guns and infrastructure from many different generations or manufacturers. ATASSpro offers an easy, flexible and reliable method of controlling snowmaking systems and a clear way of presenting complex data. There are many features and interfaces allowing all-round snow management and efficient production of snow of the highest quality. The resources and the production processes are adjusted to the weather conditions in real time, thereby building energy efficiency into the use of the snowmaking system.

The advantages of ATASSpro at a glance

  • Less training time

    Using ATASSpro is easier than ever – for everyone and everywhere. Even without prior knowledge of other snowmaking software, the user can quickly gain access to the main functions thanks to the intuitive operation. Whether on ultra-wide screens, in multi-screen mode or in the MobileAPP, the completely new interface with the revolutionary navigation concept allows everyone to use ATASSpro the way they want. This leaves more time for the essentials.
  • More security
    The multi-user access feature allows separate access to the system for each individual user. The rights allocation system is sufficiently flexible to allow several users to be granted different access rights, thereby preventing unauthorized control of the system. Everyone in the snowmaking operations team has the option of adapting the view to their own personal preferences and to the requirements for the job in hand. 
  • Clear display
    ATASSpro boasts a clear interface with different tabs allowing quick and easy access to various settings, such as maps, meteo stations, analyses, cameras, documentation or machine rooms. Webcams can be integrated in the system without any problems. The required widgets (e.g. consumption, active snow guns) can be easily selected in the system overview, allowing the configuration of a separate dashboard for each user. The time required to control the system is therefore significantly reduced.
  • Optimized use of resources
    ATASSpro maintains an uninterrupted overview of the entire snowmaking system and supports full automation. The entire system is configured and controlled with the aid of the aptly named SnowProcess feature. This means that the snowmaking process is started automatically as soon as the conditions are right. ATASSpro adapts the snowmaking parameters to the prevailing conditions and resources, distributing the water in the ski area to optimum effect. The fully automatic system can be adapted to the individual requirements of the entire ski area.
  • Full control
    The new inspector feature offers a survey of specific zones for optimum control of the snowmaking processes. Any radius can be singled out for a simple and straightforward check on selected values for snow guns. The overview display also offers a full view of all the machine rooms while also providing the facility to select and monitor individual rooms.
  • Increased operational reliability
    The integration of cameras and webcams in ATASSpro not only provides a full overview but naturally also increases operational reliability. This is particularly beneficial in the machine rooms where the cameras make it possible to monitor processes and react to any major events at the same time. Messages and push notifications in the MobileAPP play their part in making sure that nothing is missed.
  • Data-based decision-making processes
    ATASSpro delivers large volumes of data which serve as a wide-ranging basis for decisions. The analysis tools enable precise and simple evaluations of the snowmaking season. The improved weather forecasting facility also provides a precise local forecast for the next 14 days, calculated specifically for the high demands in snowmaking. It is updated every two hours, providing the perfect basis for planning and predicting snow production making it easy to plan, manage and decide.
  • No time-wasting
    The system can be accessed completely independently from several locations thanks to the new infrastructure. Several people can use the software simultaneously thanks to the multi-user mode. Mobile app with push notifications allows users to stay informed at all times.

Focus on the future

TechnoAlpin is constantly working on the further development of the ATASSpro software. Intensive research work and regular customer feedback have gone into creating a control system which will lead ski resorts into the future. New tools are introduced regularly, adding new scope, improving performance, and increasing the operational reliability of the plant. The updates offer continuous optimization and guarantee that the software is always in line with the latest standards.