The SNOWMASTER APP from TechnoAlpin

The SNOWMASTER app marks the next step towards digitization for ski resorts. It can provide ski resort managers with an unrestricted overview of the planning and progress of the snowmaking processes.

TechnoAlpin is the first and only supplier to provide ski resorts with forecasts for snow production by utilizing expertise gathered over many years and meticulous calculations. TechnoAlpin has succeeded in developing a game-changer for managing ski resorts.

Making tomorrow’s decisions today.

  • Focus on the future.
    Taking account of detailed weather forecasts, the SNOWMASTER app calculates the amount of snow that can be produced in the next few days and the amount of water required to do so. The detailed information provided by ATASSplus on future costs, resource requirements and temperatures will be indispensable to optimize ski resort planning processes.
  • The whole ski resort under control.
    The SNOWMASTER app can access large amounts of ATASSplus data on the volume of snow produced, utilization rate, water consumption and temperatures. The system is still controlled by the snowmaking team through ATASSplus, but all the data required to make decisions is displayed quickly and clearly in real time with the SNOWMASTER app.
  • Smart communication. 
    How much snow is on the slope? How many hours have the snow guns been in use? How many snow guns were operating? And most importantly, when can I open the ski resort? The answers to these and other questions are summarized quickly and clearly with the SNOWMASTER app and with reference to individual slopes. The app simplifies communication between the management and the snowmaking team.
  • Precision in action.
    The SNOWMASTER app provides a simple overview of the defined snowmaking targets and phases. It shows clearly which phase of snowmaking is currently taking place and how the resources can be best used, given the information provided in the forecasts. It is possible to see the extent to which the set snowmaking target or the target for the season has already been achieved.
  • First things first.
    Various ski areas can be displayed in the SNOWMASTER app, and different groups of slopes can be entered for each individual ski area, enabling faster access to information on the relevant priorities. All the data in the SNOWMASTER app is also broken down by altitude, according to forecasts, resource requirements and snow production.
  • Free of charge.
    A license for the SNOWMASTER app is provided free of charge with an ATASSplus update contract. You can simply activate it and get immediate and real-time access to all the information.

Innovative software

These data form a reliable basis for taking decisions on opening slopes and planning resources in the run-up to the season and mark the next step towards smart communication for ski resorts. TechnoAlpin is therefore once again demonstrating the importance of an ongoing innovation process for forward-looking solutions in snowmaking.

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