Custom-designed snowmaking systems for optimum efficiency

Turnkey snowmaking systems

Snowmaking systems are highly complex technical systems which consist of a large number of components. For optimum snowmaking, all the components must be precisely matched with each other. TechnoAlpin therefore develops not only snow guns but also all the upstream and downstream parts of the system. In addition to reservoirs, pumping stations, field pipelines, compressor plants, pits and valves, the range also includes the control system.

TechnoAlpin offers service contracts for the entire system in order to simplify the regular maintenance processes. These can be completed for the snow guns and associated valves, but machine rooms also need regular maintenance. The electronics, mechanics and hydraulics of the snow guns and pumps are also inspected by trained engineers. Any irregularities which come to light are remedied immediately, restoring normal operation and guaranteeing optimum results.

Consultation & Planing



Consultation & Planing


TechnoAlpin is convinced that a perfectly coordinated design is the foundation for energy-efficient snowmaking operations. The specific requirements are identified with the relevant ski resort in order to tailor the design accordingly and provide a system of the correct dimension. The aim is always get basic snow coverage within 72 hours in order to best exploit snow windows and thus conserve resources. When planning the system, the optimum snow gun is selected from TechnoAlpin's wide range of products in order to take account of the territorial conditions.

Made-to-Measure Designs

The various departments work in close cooperation on the design specification of each individual snowmaking system, selecting the technical, hydraulic and electrical components for the entire system. A master plan of the entire snowmaking system is drawn up on the basis of the information by the technical drawing team. Field installations, machine rooms and snowmaking components are listed in these masterplans in precise detail.

Personal service from A to Z

A TechnoAlpin project manager is assigned to each project and is responsible for planning and controlling the project operations. The project manager is the main contact person for the customer once an order has been placed. The project manager draws up purchase order lists and oversees the progress of the construction work, working closely with the logistics department in order to coordinate the delivery of the components.


Skillful organization of the construction work

TechnoAlpin also provides individual support on the construction site. The construction work on snowmaking systems is coordinated and overseen by experienced project managers. The job includes regular visits to the site and, in the case of turnkey snowmaking systems, some involvement in the site management. The project managers also coordinate the team members and are responsible for health and safety on the job. At the end of the works, the project manager oversees the commissioning with the customer and guarantees thorough training before the final handover of the snowmaking system.

Safety is paramount

Insistence on top health & safety standards for all workers is a particularly important aspect of the process for TechnoAlpin. In December 2009, TechnoAlpin introduced its health & safety management system in compliance with ISO 45001 based on OHSAS 18001 with the aim of preventing accidents on the job and improving health & safety in the workplace. The quality of the welding work on pump lines and pipelines also makes a significant contribution to the safety of the system. In this regard TechnoAlpin adheres to the procedures laid down in ISO 3834-2.


Reliable logistics and supply

The logistics team is mainly responsible for entering and checking orders and for organizing the shipments to various construction sites. It has a particularly important role in coordinating operations between the purchasing, warehouse and shipping sections. TechnoAlpin produces all its snow guns at its headquarter in Bolzano (South Tyrol/ITA). They are then delivered from there to customers all over the world. Impassable roads and import restrictions are just some of the challenges which are overcome by TechnoAlpin thanks to its expertise and experience.

Water — let's go!

Pumping stations, reservoirs, cooling towers and compressors: we guarantee a secure air and water supply for your snowmaking system for decades.

The basis of any system

Only a sophisticated supply network of pipes and system lines underground provides the optimal basis for any snowmaking system.

Targeted overview

Using custom-control software, we take technical snowmaking to a new level and provide the resource-optimized basis to ensure our customers' success.

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